Troubled Tiger

During my time in Seoul, I found Mark Clifford to be one of the most astute observers of the scene in Korea. His book, “Troubled Tiger” weaves together in a compelling way the complex skein of economic, political, and military forces that have combined to produce today’s Korea. The importance of Korea, to Asia and to the United States, is not well understood in this country. Clifford’s book is thus important, as well as interesting reading. I strongly recommend it to all with an interest in Korea and the Northeast Asian region.
— Donald P. Gregg, U.S. Ambassador to Seoul, 1989-1993


The unauthorized biography of Korea, Inc. provides the inside story of one of the world’s fastest growing economies and its tumultuous struggle to break into the ranks of the developed world. Drawing on extensive interviews, the author paints a vivid portrait of the tensions between government and business and within the government since 1961.

Troubled Tiger mixes an anecdotal, readable account of the dramatic rise of the Korean economy with an in-depth analysis of the economic choices Korea made under former presidents and ex-generals Park Chung Hee, Chun Doo Hwan, and Roh Tae Woo and of the tremendous costs of that growth. It also details the huge changes that have been roiling the Korean economy with the emergence of a more democratic government.

Troubled Tiger was originally published in 1994 by M.E. Sharpe.

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REVIEWS OF “Troubled tiger”

Superb… Fills in some of the blank pages in the story of South Korea’s so-called economic miracle.
Wall Street Journal

Clifford has written a superb book, which weaves together history, economics, and politics. Unlike most books on this topic, it is based on numerous interviews with key officials and tells many anecdotes that light up the discussion of pivotal events.
Foreign Affairs

Nobody tells this story better than Mark Clifford…
The American Spectator

Proven spectacularly right.
The Economist